Fietsen voor onderzoek | 1.950 KM | BCN

Thomas Koole
from €2.000 (133%)

This month I will finally start what I have been preparing for since the midst of pandemic. I will pack my tent, kiss my parents and grab my bike for nearly 2.000 kilometers to Barcelona. Not only for the personal challenge, the character I’ll finally start building and all French cheeses I’ll need to compensate burned calories. 

I will also take this challenge for a greater cause. I’ve had multiple epileptic seizures ever since my adolescence and will be on meds for my entire existence. Doing something in return for the (nearly) careless life that I can still enjoy, I have attached “Het Epilepsiefonds” to my bike ride to raise support for juvenile epileptic research studies in The Netherlands.


All donations will motivate me to go that extra mile that one moment I’m dazed and confused cycling down the Via Rhôna realising I’m only halfway. 





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21-08-2021 | 19:13 Ik ken je niet, maar zag toevallig een post van je op LinkedIn. Na wat doorklikken zag ik wat voor avontuur je bent aangegaan en met wat voor reden. Respect!!!
20-08-2021 | 21:24